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Ways to Get Involved

Because of you, children are given life, families are created, and hearts are healed


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Southeast Georgia Women's Center is a 501-c3 faith-based non-profit in the state of Georgia. The majority of our funding comes from financial partnerships of individuals, churches, and businesses in our community. This also includes in-kind gifts, such as donated services (plumbing, AC, cleaning, etc.).

We have the goal of receiving 1,000 partnership equivalents of $50.00/month in order to keep our operations up and increase our services. 100% of donations are tax-deductible. Would you consider becoming one of our monthly partners? 


There are many different ways you can get involved at Southeast Georgia Women's Center, and it truly does take people serving at each level for us to serve our clients well!


If you don't have time to volunteer on a weekly basis inside the center, there are other opportunities such as church liaisons, special projects and more. Contact us to learn more. Together we can build a culture of life in Georgia!

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